With Complete Capital Services you enjoy the benefits of equipment financing with an easy application process and quick turnaround. We help you get fast access to the equipment you need, and we structure your payment options to suit your business’s unique circumstances.

Available financing options include (but not limited to):

$1 Buyout

Also known as a capital lease, this lease guarantees the option to purchase the equipment for the amount of one dollar at the end of the lease agreement. Business planning to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term typically choose the dollar buyout option.

Equipment Finance Agreement

Similar to the $1 Buyout Lease, an Equipment Finance Agreement (E.F.A.) is a fixed rate loan with the borrower as the title holder, and the equipment serving as collateral.


Provides flexibility and a low, often tax-deductible, lease payment. At the end of the term purchase the equipment for it’s Fair Market Value, continue on a re-lease or month-to-month payments, or return it with no further obligation

Operating Lease

This lease offers the lowest payment for a given term, and payments are often treated as 100% tax-deductible. Generally this lease does not appear on the balance sheet as a business asset or liability.

Municipal Financing

Municipal interest payments are exempt from federal income taxes, passing the tax savings on to city, county, and state agencies in the form of lower rates and lower payments.

Seasonal, Step, Quarterly, Annual, and Deferred Payment Leases

All designed to accommodate a business’s anticipated cash flow.


We offer:

  • Easy 1-Page Application
  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Finance agreements and leases
  • New or used equipment accepted
  • 100% financing – include all associated “soft” costs
  • Deferred payment options
  • Most credit decisions within hours , not days or weeks
  • Superior Customer Service

Let Complete Capital be your complete source for business financing, and capitalize on your equipment purchase now!

Let us help you get fast access to the equipment you need

of U.S. businesses finance all or some of their equipment purchases.80%
of equipment sale quotes result in financing.40%
Over 20,000 equipment lease agreements are written daily.90%

Don't just take our word for it...

  • Machine Tool Distributor

    CCS has been a pleasure to work with. Our customers have experienced immediate response, fast approvals, and competitive rates. CCS is flexible when my customers request special terms. My customers like the personal touch they get with CCS, they like the face to face contact.

  • Machinery Equipment Dealer

    I like dealing with CCS because they have very competitive rates, fast personal service, and they offer creative plans as needed to get the deal done.

  • Fabrication Equipment Distributor

    CCS always comes through for our customers. They are easy to work with, and have pulled rabbits out of hats for us on more than one occasion.

  • Business Owner

    Thank you, CCS. The way I was treated by your company is very important to me. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

  • Machine Tool Seller

    Barbara and the team at CCS met with our company at a local trade show. CCS is the company we call when a company needs that extra something to purchase their equipment. CCS has always found a way to help our customers help themselves with company investments and growth. Barb and her team work one-on-one with the customer once the process is started, and keep us up to date with the progress. I would recommend CCS to anyone looking to purchase a piece of equipment even if they don't think their credit is strong enough to acquire. Thanks to Barb and Jim for taking care of our customers once they make the commitment to purchase.

  • Machinery Equipment Vendor

    CCS does stellar work for us! We recommend CCS to any business looking for a finance partner that always delivers the best rates and customer service.